This Sunday's blogpost is about one of the many good alternatives that is being done to make a positive contribution for biodiversity, and with it, the environment; it is called 'rewilding'. The concept is simple - by reintroducing species that has almost died out in an area, the hope is that biodiversity will once again peak and that natural processes and wild species will play a more significant part in how the landscape is build up. 

In Europe, there is an organisation called Rewilding Europe that states their mission as: 'Rewilding Europe wants to make Europe a wilder place. We want much more space for wildlife, wild nature and natural processes. We want to bring back the variety of life for us all to enjoy. And we want to explore new ways for people to earn a fair living from the wild. Let’s make Europe a wilder place together!'. 

One way to achieve this is by reintroducing wildlife, as bison, stags, lynx and wild horses. As biodiversity is in steady decline globally, initiatives like this can make a vital contribution to an area. To get a more visual presentation of the concept, see this video made by Rewilding Europe: