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This changes everything

I have finally gotten around to read Naomi Kleins 'This Changes Everything" (2014) (yes, I know, a little late to the game) However, even if you read it now, you will still get some really good insights as to where we are currently in the climate discourse.

Klein is a Canadian journalist, author and political activist, and 'This Changes Everything' draws most of its example from the current day US climate policies. The main idea of the book is that its the current economical system, capitalism, that is ruling how we make all other decisions, including those for the climate. If you are either interested in climate, as I sort of assume you are if you've found your way to this blog, but also if you are interested in how economy influence all aspects of society, then this might be the book for you.

One of my most 'aha!' moments when reading the book, was when she discusses how the fossile fuel industry per definition neither can't stop nor won't stop before they have literally searched every inch of our common Earth. This has to do with how it is financed; oil companies gets new investments based on what they estimate that they will be able to produce. So with this cycle, they can never stop searching. Klein gives some devastating examples in the book about small island communities that perished because of this extractive industry. For a more thorough explanation of this and a lot more, I can really recommend this book. It is also a good road map if you have just gotten into the climate debate, but want to get a bit more back history on how the movement came to be. 


Hello, my name is Charlotte, and welcome to this new blog project! 

I've always been passionate about sharing information that leads to higher social awareness. For the past 10 years, I've been a part of the environmental movement. This has taken me from grassroot movements to the highest level in UN climate change negotiations. Through environmental and development NGOs, and through my formal education at university, I've been given a thorough education in the different aspects of what is happening to our planet. This year I'm doing a one year teacher studies course, and on that occasion I wanted to start this blog.

I want to be an environmental educator, spreader of environmental news and try to inspire with climate related literature. New posts will be added every Tuesday. 

I will also explain environmental concepts. I want this blog to be helpful for those who want to understand climate change better, but don't know where to start. If we break it into smaller pieces, we can put them together as part of the bigger picture. If you want to read about certain concept or themes related to climate, write me a comment and I will follow up with a  blog post. 

I look forward to starting this project! Hope you will enjoy reading it.